Digital radiology (x-rays)
The image quality of a digital x-ray is much better than a typical film x-ray. Having x-rays on site allows us to diagnose and treat your pet in a timely manner. 

Digital dental radiology
Most serious periodontal disease is below the gum line requiring dental x-rays to diagnose. Radiographs allow us to diagnose bone loss or other disease that may not have been evident during our visual exam.

Anesthesia Monitoring
We use modern anesthetic protocols and advanced monitoring for all pets under anesthesia. Our monitoring includes ECG, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen saturation and temperature during all surgical procedures. 

Blood pressure
We can check your pet’s blood pressure in a matter of minutes

If your pet becomes ill or has been injured, our in house diagnostic tools allow us to run basic blood tests without having to wait for an outside lab. We can then treat your pet quickly and appropriately.