Our dedicated team at Chain of Lakes Animal Clinic strives to provide top level medical care and customer service. We try to provide fearLESS visits for your pet and convenience for you! We offer microchipping, vaccines tailored for your pet’s lifestyle, in house pharmacy with the option to receive long term medications shipped to your home, an in house laboratory, digital radiology (x-rays), and surgery services. We recommend once yearly wellness exams for cats under the age of 9. For cats with chronic conditions and/or for older cats, we recommend twice yearly exams. This allows us to identify dental disease, new lumps and bumps, heart disease, etc earlier in order to provide optimal care.

At your cat’s yearly wellness visit, your pet will receive a comprehensive physical examination. We will review your cat’s lifestyle, behavior, activity level and nutrition, including optimal weight for your pet. A key part of health for pets in Florida is parasite prevention (did you know cats can get heartworms?), including internal and external parasites. We will also assess your cat’s dental health and the need for preventative dental care. After our wellness exam, you will receive a report card highlighting our findings, with appropriate recommendations for your pet.

To help minimize the stress on your cat, the best type of cat carrier is the plastic travel carriers that open from the top and from the front. It is optimal to have a carrier with simple latches to remove the lid (verses screws). This makes removing your cat from his/her carrier more fearLESS.

Cats often associate their carrier with scary things, such as car rides and veterinary visits. You can help your cat become comfortable with his/her carrier by placing it in a room where your cat spends a lot of time (with the lid off if necessary), putting soft bedding inside and by placing special treats, catnip or toys inside the carrier. See our resources section for additional carrier tips.

It is helpful to bring any previous medical records for new patients. Please bring a list of any questions that you have with you to your visit. You know your pet best and can note subtle changes in appetite, behavior, and energy level. Your observations at home can help us detect problems earlier!